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High Dosage Essiac Tea High Dosage Essiac Products

Large pre-measured packets and bulk herbs.  For  large batch size and serious illnesses


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Low Dosage Essiac Tea Low Dosage Essiac Products

Small pre-measured packets and bulk herbs.  For smaller batch size and daily prevention use.


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Essiac for pets Essiac For Pets

3 Unique Pre-measured Packet Sizes for Large, Medium, & Small Pets


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Essiac Information and FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Answers and information about Essiac and Essiac-Herbal.com


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Essiac Defense Best Defense Program

Combines daily essiac use with supplements and healthy lifestyle


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Essiac Detox Program Detox Program

Cleanses the intestinal & digestive systems Promotes liver function & health 2 & 4-week Programs

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A Spiritual Garden A Spiritual Garden

We promote spiritual wellness through our affiliate ASpiritualGarden.com.

Let ASG design and create you a spiritual garden design where you can relax and meditate, provide skilled Reiki healing therapy, perform angel readings or crystal therapy to help improve your health and even instruct you in Reiki Healing in weekly classes.

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Eight-herb essiac formula
  • High-quality, organically-grown,
    non-irradiated herbs
  • Convenient pre-measured packet sizes from 1/2oz to 4oz for every essiac dosage (click high dosage, low-dosage and pet dosage links for details)
  • Cost-saving 1lb & 2.5lb bulk packets
  • FREE Shipping for orders of $100.00 or more

Since 2002, we have been providing our customers with quality, service, great prices and accurate information about essiac tea. Our goal is to make your customer experience as easy, fast, and beneficial as possible. Thank you for visiting our site!

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Note: The essiac formula used in our products is the same for all items. The package size is changed to accommodate different dosage levels. All products include brewing and dosage instructions on the package label. All our essiac is in powdered herb form.
We do not sell liquids, tinctures, or tea bags.